Vision and Mission

Bhaskar Foundation has been working at grass root level in most difficult parts of the country to address the issues of deprived society of the India. We work with a vision of bringing this segment into the fold of development initiatives of the country.

The ultimate aim of Bhaskar Foundation is to "Empower society with responsibility and dignity". This will help is strengthening the Endeavours’ of making India a country of enlightened people with economic reliability.

Vision & Mission


"Empower society with responsibility and dignity"


Mr. Sanjay Ganjoo
Chairman cum Trustee

Dr. Bharat Agrawal
Dr. Bharat Agrawal has exhibited trendsetting leadership skills and an aptitude for working in various disciplines. Besides his own professional commitments, he is also an integral part of the core leadership of the Dainik Bhaskar Group. He is Executive Director of the Group taking care of Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Editorial Head Hunting, Business Development, New Projects. He is a regular Columnist in Dainik Bhaskar News papers.

Prior to this he was CEO of Bhaskar Global upto 2001. Dr. Bharat Agrawal has been a medical practitioner and was one of the leading medical professional in Madhya Pradesh, he has also setup Charak Hospital and Theta Labs Ltd.

He has been closely associated with Medical Council of India, Association of Physicians of India, M.P. Red Cross Society, Cardiology Society of India, Yeshwant Club, Basketball Club, CII and FICCI.

Dr. Bharat Agrawal also contributed a lot to society through various charitable activities.

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Mr. Atul Chandrakant Kulkarni
Mr. Atul is Chemical Engineer with post graduate qualification in Management (Operations Research). He has been in different roles throughout his career. He started his career with Camlin Ltd. and was responsible for setting up Green field projects. He was also involved with a Bank for due-diligence of proposals as Technical Officer.

He served Minister of Shipping as Officer on Special Duty and was involved in the policy issues pertaining to efficient port operations and the capacity expansion projects at the major ports on the west coast of India. He has been the team member with the Minister for Shipping, Govt. of India for developing the strategies and policies for development and improvement of ports and shipping services in India. The assignment provided an insight into the decision making process of the Government of India.

With Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd, he was leading member of the Water Transportation Consultancy team for more than 5 years. During the period he worked on various assignments for both public sector entities as well as private clients.

He also served as Chief Executive Officer of the Goa based Chowgule group entity, headed the team for development of Greenfield Cargo Terminal and state of the art Ship Repair Yard project on the west coast of India. Later he worked as an independent consultant.

Later he took role as an Advisor (Marine & Ports) to Gas Authority of India Limited for their Port related activities and creation of new marine infrastructure such as LNG terminals, Liquid Terminals, Pipelines and Tank Farms, Also assist the government in setting up 4 petroleum technology institutes in the country for providing human resource needed. He also served as adviser (International Projects) with Indian Ports Association.

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Mr. Ravindra Vidyadhar Boratkar
Mr. Ravi started his career as a Management Executive with Nagpur Times which was then the leading English Newspaper in Central India. However, he soon followed his entrepreneurial acumen and ambition and started his own advertising agency Profit Advertisers India Pvt Ltd. in 1988. A year later, joined hands with another advertising agency from Pune, Market Missionaries. Market Missionaries (India) Pvt. Ltd. later ranked amongst the top 40 advertising agencies in India (A&M Survey) with branches in Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Nagpur, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Later in the year 2000 onwards MMIPL started organizing Sci tech Exhibition, Conferences & events & is now a leading Sci tech communication company in India, renamed as MM Activ SciTech Communications Pvt. Ltd. He has strengthened MM Activ to be the leading agency in India creating platforms to facilitate collaborations and networking between scientific fraternity, entrepreneurs, academia, industry & policymakers. MM Activ has initiatives in Biotechnology, IT, Nano Tech, Nutraceutical, Agriculture & Higher Education etc.

He is also leading the flagship event of MM Activ, Pride of India concurrent to the Indian Science Congress. He is Chairman of Central India Central Multipurpose Co-op. society Ltd. which runs PurtiSuper Bazar. Established in 1998 under the co operative act Purti soon became the largest selling store in Vidarbha. Purti has introduced many consumer friendly schemes and has established a trend of selling below MRP in this region. Business India has published a full page story on him & Purti Supper Bazaar in 2002.

Ravi is also contributing to various other organizations in different capacities.

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Reach & Presence

Bhaskar Foundation has worked in 19 states including Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttrakhand, Bihar, Haryana, Assam, Delhi, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat & Maharashtra. The projects implemented by Foundation has benefited lakhs of people particularly from marginalized section of society.

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